Our shop offer various products associated to Leino and Lönnrot and different handicrafts. Here you will find only a part of them, for example the handicrafts you will find on the spot. Welcome!


Books about Eino Leino, written by Esko Piippo 30€


T-Shirt with a picture of Eino Leino (cotton, black, sizes from small to extra-large) 22€


Shopping bag (cotton, black, with a white picture of Eino Leino) 5€


Matches (10 boxes, with 5 different Leino –pictures) 4 €


Magnets(2different) 3 € each


Card with a picture about Paltaniemi from Matti Koskela) 3 €


Poetry - Washcloth with a poem of Eino Leino  4 €


Note box of leather  8 €