The touristic and cultural development of Eino Leino -house  - project

Realization period: 1.5.2011 – 30.4.2013

Financed by Joint authority of Kainuu Region / European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


The aim of the project is to find a solution for:

  1. cherishing, presenting, informing and utilization of Eino Leinos and Elias Lönnrots lifework and literal work from the point of view of culture and business
  2. developing and producing operations, events, exhibitions of Eino Leino -house and products of the associations
  3. Acquiring high quality media technology devices and computer programs and creating visual, literal and audiovisual material. The material will serve the tourism as exhibitions, books, brochures and audiovisual products
  4. Developing the cultural entrepreneurship and cultural tourism at Leino –talo, in Paltaniemi, in the region of Lake Oulujärvi and Kajaani.


Central actions of the project are:

  1. Equipping of Eino Leino –house with computers, printers, av-material and exhibition panels.
  2. Producing literal, exhibitional, presentational and audiovisual material associated to Lönnrot and Leino.
  3. Creating new cultural events and products (e.g. Paltaniemi-days together with Book days of Eino Leino –house, summer theater, multifaceted usage of prose and poetry).
  4. Developing the requirements for cultural entrepreneurship and cultural and nature tourism.
  5. Creating a network for the actors in the area.
    composing a communication plan
  6. Developing the house and its yard and diversifying the services and operations.
  7. Continuing the rental agreement of the property or redemption of the property by means of the national collection.
  8. Creating a business plan for a cultural and touristic enterprise.


The intention of the project is to develop the activity of Eino Leino -house to be economically and all-year profitable. The house should also be changed to a “low barrier” cultural destination open for everyone.