Supporting the Eino Leino house

In 2010, the Elias Lönnrot association and the Eino Leino association of Kainuu together bought the Eino Leino heritage house in Paltaniemi, Kajaani, aiming to upkeep and develop the operating of this significant cultural visitor centre.


Our ambition is now to work for making this heritage house operate all around the year. The house and its idyllic, cultural milieu offer a wonderful environment for various events and occasions.


There are many opportunities for friends of Eino Leino house to support the cultural work and the associations around it. If you would like to become a supporter or are interested in voluntary work, feel free to contact us. All new people and fresh ideas are warmly welcomed and very much appreciated!


Become a supporter for Eino Leino heritage house

The upkeep and developing of Eino Leino house asks for diverse knowledge and skills. Everything from creative ideas to practical skills in crafts and construction as wells as cultural knowledge is needed.


Eino Leino house invites everyone who is willing to share their knowledge and skills to become a supporter.


Voluntary work

Running an association is mostly based on voluntary work. There are many things where voluntary help is needed at Eino Leino house: in various summer events and seasonal maintenance work of the yard and garden in spring and autumn.  It is always fun to work together!


You can sign up as a volunteer by leaving your name and contact information at our website contact form or directly to Eino Leino house in +358 45 8849 350 or